Following the 1987 breakup of Amebix, 3 of the 4 members went on to form Zygote in 1988. Featuring Chris “Stig” Miller, Robert “Spider” Richards, George “Smutpig” Fletcher joined by Smartpils bassist Tim Crow. In the short 3-year existence of the band they managed to produce a 1990 demo tape and a 1991 full-length “A Wind Of Knives.” Pine Hill Records is proud to present the first ever USA release of “A Wind Of Knives” to be released on December 2nd. This obscure, yet underground appreciated album is a lyrically grim, musically haunting piece that sits somewhere between post-punk, crust and the Amebix sound. This dark, experimental album is truly a great piece of work and you can hear the direction Amebix would have gone in had they stayed together. This album has made minimal appearances since it’s original 1991 UK pressing. It is now available in North America for the first time. Limited pressing of 250 pieces on silver vinyl. Download cards included. Order yours here!