We are thrilled to bring you a Pine Hill Records personal favorite to our roster – Gein And The Graverobbers! Stepping onto PHR with a vinyl version of their debut 2001 full-length “Hang Ten.” This an underground horror surf classic. Recorded low-fi in the basements of Acton, Massachusetts. Legitimate, gimmick-free dark surf punk music that sounds as grim as it looks. The soundtrack to your rainy days. During the band’s 10-year lifespan (1999-2009) they managed to produce a 7” EP and three full-length albums, of which this is the first. Like the other two, this album was originally pressed on CD only. This is the first time it’s ever been made available on vinyl. This release is part of a brand new series we’re going to be doing from time to time called the Pine Hill “Super Exclusive” series. Meaning that it’s part of a hand-numbered, extremely limited pressing of only 100 copies. Quality full color jacket, insert, and LP. On this particular run we had an underage with the pressing plant, so there were only actually 90 copies made. And of those 90, only 76 are available to the public for sale. That being said – if you plan on owning this, don’t wait! There’s no wholesale and no distribution on these. This is the only place you can get it. This band and this album have been a huge influence on Pine Hill Records and all of our personal endeavors for many years. Whether you are a New Englander that remembers this band from back in the day, are a fan of dark music, surf music, or have never heard of this in your life – we highly urge you to give this a chance.