Release Date: September 15, 2016

The 2016 release of “Make Me Digital” marks the 3rd full length studio album by New Hampshire-based The Cryptics. Make Me Digital demonstrates a growth and transitioning since the band’s earlier days. Using its predecessor, 2013’s “Continuous New Behavior” as a foundation to build and expand upon with the new album featuring higher output performance, stronger writing, deeper lyrical content, vibrant & catchy melodies, and a punchy, punk-rock energy. With all 17 tracks performed by founding member Tino Valpa, the album spans a variety of themes, moods and styles while never straying too far from the band’s signature melodic punk sound. Make Me Digital is a well-blended fusion of darkness and light, high polished instrumentation and raw punk rock power.

Track Listing

1. Peace Of Mind (04:04)
2. One Player Game (01:57)
3. All Lawsuit, All The Time (02:55)
4. Make Me Digital (03:04)
5. Thanks Acadia (02:11)
6. The Old Soul (02:37)
7. Worry (02:35)
8. Illegally Blind (02:28)
9. Cold-Blooded Man (04:21)
10. Superficial Love [T.S.O.L.] (Feat. Wimpy Rutherford of The Queers) (01:19)
11. Old Man’s Regret (03:49)
12. The Planning Room (02:43)
13. Quiet For A Reason (03:54)
14. No Guarantees, No Warranties (03:21)
15. Please Come Again (01:16)
16. Suicidal [The Freeze] (03:10)
17. Watchtower (05:00)