Release Date: July 27th, 2015

Infernal Diatribe: Dover, NH’s longest running hardcore punk band. Formerly known as “The Nasty,” the band recently had to change their name to avoid confusion. This release features new recordings of 4 oldschool “Nasty” songs. Previous versions of these songs were from 2005 and 2009 and were very poorly recorded. These new versions breathe well-needed fresh air into these tracks.

Slow Children: Melodic, weird, crazy hardcore punk from southern California. Features 3 tracks off their latest full-length “Prevalent Emotional Distress.” This hard-working band belts out three tunes that complete the record solidly. Suitable for fans of A Wilhelm Scream, Strike Anywhere, The Effort.

Track Listing

Side A:
1) Infernal Diatribe – “Intro 2005”
2) Infernal Diatribe – “Badass”
3) Infernal Diatribe – “Daywalkers”
4) Infernal Diatribe – “Ramp Potatoes”

Side B:
5) Slow Children – “Watch Me Fall”
6) Slow Children – “Unconscious”
7) Slow Children – “Repetition Is Key”

Pressing Info:
500 Random Color