Release Date: Nov 7, 2014

Tino Valpa of the Cryptics debut full-length. After 2010 and 2011’s blazing 7” EP’s, this album picks back up in a more melodic direction while still retaining its hardcore roots. With 16 songs timing in at just over a half hour, this makes it the first official full-length album. Unlike the first 2 EP’s, songs on this do make it past the 30 second mark. Musically this is a meeting point between the first 2 Tino Valpa EP’s and The Cryptics.

Track Listing:
1) The Power Of A Stable Mind
2) General Admission Scum
3) The King System
4) Involuntary Community Service
5) No Curtains, No Shame
6) Raintrapped
7) Landlocked
8) Can I Buy You A Drink?
9) Fuel (The Brats)
10) Safety Overdose
11) Desire The Disease
12) Mental Secrecy
13) Tonight We Live In The Past
14) Mr. Plans
15) Foundation: The Key
16) That Doesn’t Ever Sound Like Fun

Pressing Info:
300 CD’s (SOLD OUT)