Release Date: July 9, 2014

What’s going on these days for hardcore punk in the Northeast? Well, that’s a very big question. This split is one possible good answer. Featuring the following: (Urban Waste) NYHC since 1981 who is contributing their 2nd batch of new material since the 80’s. (Notox)-Will Sullivan & Sam Jodrey of Toxic Narcotic with Pat Faherty of 26 Beers. The sheer combination of musicianship & brutality on these tracks is out of control. If you like Toxic Narcotic or Mouth Sewn Shut this is for you. (The Nasty)-Dover, NH hardcore punk carrying on with 2 fast raw tracks. First new material in 2 years & the final recorded material with that lineup. Last release they did before playing under the new name “Infernal Diatribe.” (Red Tape)-The sharpest tracks on the split. Includes a killer Charles Bronson cover followed by a brand new original. Each band contributed 2 brand new tracks for this split, making it fresh. Digital download card included.

Track Listing

Side A:
1) Urban Waste – “Never Leave”
2) Urban Waste – “Waste Crew”
3) Notox – “Smash It All”
4) Notox – “Hatred”

Side B:
5) The Nasty – “Kick Rocks”
6) The Nasty – “My Name Is Fuck Off”
7) Red Tape – “Marriage Can Suck It” (Charles Bronson)
8) Red Tape – “Nocturnal Depression”

Pressing Info:
125 Coke Bottle Green
125 White
125 Clear
125 Red