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We are having a wild sale of all Cryptics releases, all color variants now through Aug. 8th. It’s one big […]
Blind Seagull is incapable of writing a bad song….. as is proven in Le Dernier Rendez-Vous. The 2018 album by […]
It’s been a year since 1930’s clarinetist Sol Yaged left this world. Born in 1922 and playing clarinet since 1935, […]
The Cryptics have finally released their all-new “Continuous New Behavior” album! LP’s – (300 pressed – 100 white, 100 blue, […]
Pre-orders are now available! click here to order. Official release date Jan. 31st. Available on 3 different vinyl colors and […]
Introducing the brand new “Leads To Betrayal” 7″ from The Cryptics. This single is from the all-new “Continous New Behavior” […]