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If you’re involved with DIY punk rock in southern California, you’ve probably crossed paths with the man, the myth: Mike […]
Following the 1987 breakup of Amebix, 3 of the 4 members went on to form Zygote in 1988. Featuring Chris […]
Thrilled to bring our next release: Zygote – “A Wind Of Knives” LP. After Amebix split up in 1987 3 […]
Thank you for the worldwide support on this one. It was a very limited release and the last couple copies […]
Brad Marino (of The Connection & The Rydells) has covered this 1983 Ramones album in its entirety! Executed 100% DIY, […]
A short-time $20 deal that included The Cryptics “Continuous New Behavior” LP (White vinyl w/ download card) and the album […]