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Out today! Order here. It’s also streaming on all digital services. Cathedral Of Tears was formed by Jack Grisham & Greg […]
Cathedral Of Tears was formed by Jack Grisham & Greg Kuehn after they left T.S.O.L. in 1983. They were joined […]
What do you get when you mix two different musicians from totally different backgrounds who are nearly 70 years apart […]
Pre-Orders are up now for the new Sol Yaged And Tino Valpa album entitled “Your Wish Is My Command.” What do […]
The best modern post-punk we’ve heard to date. We’re very happy to bring you “Pressure” by Blind Seagull from Kaliningrad, […]
Pine Hill Records presents Down By Law’s latest endeavor: the “Redoubt” EP, a follow-up to their 2018 album “All In”. […]